How to Detox Your Indoor Air

During the winter months we seal up our homes to keep us safe from all of the harmful elements outside. We should also be concerned with the harmful elements that are found inside of our homes.

Toxins can enter our home in many different ways. Some find their way in through shoes, others come from the cleaners we use every day, and others can seep out of carpet and paint. Get rid of these toxins for good by following these helpful tips to detoxify the air in your home.

House Plants

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Keeping plants in your home helps to purify the air.

Toxins are devoured by house plants. Add some green to your décor and keep the air in your home clean. These house plants would absorb an array of toxins and chemicals in the air;

  • Rubber Plant
  • English Ivy
  • Aloe Vera
  • Boston Fern
  • Bamboo


Keep a regular cleaning schedule to avoid dust build up in your home. If you use regular household cleaners, they can be full of chemicals. Keep your family from ingesting these toxins by switching to a natural or green cleaner. Using a vacuum with a HEPA filter will also keep dust mites and dirt from being released back into the air.

Open the Windows

Practice airing out your home as much as possible. Release the stale air and welcome fresh air into your home. During colder months this can be hard, but letting fresh air in is vital when you are detoxifying your home. Let the breeze whisk the toxins away.

Replace Air Filters

Your air filters capture dirt, dust, germs, and toxins in the air. Replace all of the air filters in your home every 6 months.

Don’t Track in Toxins!

Wipe your feet on Dr. Doormat at the door to destroy microbes! Dr. Doormat is infused with an antimicrobial formula which creates a postive charge that starts to disable the nasty odors from microorganisms (bacteria, fungus, mold) on the mat on contact.

Making simple changes will keep the air you and your family breath clean and lower your exposure to environmental toxins – keeping you all healthier and happier!

May Every Step You Take Be Healthy!

Best Regards,
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Debbie Estis Greenspan
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