Testimonials and Customer Reviews (cont.)

My wife is a Registered Nurse and works all day in the most germ-laden environment in the world, a hospital. Your product is a precious gift to help solve a major problem; the bringing home of germs from the hospital to our home. She never walks inside with her work shoes on, but now the Dr. Doormat will give us an additional level of protection. We are so pleased with Dr. Doormat we got one for our doctors nephew and niece as a gift which we know they will be very grateful for.


After moving from Canada to Panama City I am especially happy to have the six doormats I purchased from you about 4 years ago. They are in continued daily use! Not only do I have them "positioned for action" at the front door and the balcony door, but also in front of each bedroom door in the halls, since our dogs have the run of the house and we ourselves often forget to take our street shoes off because we have tile floors throughout. The mats give me added peace of mind about all the bacteria and dirt that might otherwise be in our home since we are now living in a large central-American city... the streets and side walks of tropical Panama City are by no means as "clean" as those in a suburb of Toronto. It's great that someone thought up such a practical and affordable solution to a common problem; I really did not want to add more cleaners or disinfectants to my home cleaning routine, as I am concerned with allergic reactions and the other negative health effects they can have - but I also didn't want to become a recluse who never goes out for fear of "contamination". The simple solution that works perfectly for our household, dogs and all, are the Dr. Doormat products. Plus, it was a one-time expense and these mats look almost as good as the day I took them out of the package, with nothing more than shaking them out, vacuuming them, and occasionally rinsing them down with some mild soap.


As a stay-at-home Mom always on the lookout for ways to keep my home the healthiest environment I can for my children, I was so excited when I discovered your Dr. Doormat product! I absolutely love the one I purchased for our home! It gives me peace of mind knowing that our Dr. Doormat is helping reduce the germs and allergens entering our home on the soles of our shoes. I will never buy a regular doormat again.


I want to pass on a story of how Dr. Doormat has been a God send to us when it comes to our dog Valentine, Val for short!

We adopted Val from the Anti-Cruelty Society in Chicago on March 1, 1999. Val was a stray that is a Lab mix and about 1 year old. When we examined the paperwork they gave us when we adopted her, it turns out she was found on the South West side of Chicago on February 14, 1999. Hence the name Valentine!

Val is now about 12 and the vet says she is in great health!

One thing that Val has never out grown though, is her separation anxiety. We feel that she had suffered some abuse in her previous life. And so when leave the house, she has continually destroyed whatever door mat was in front of the door! We tried all types that seemed like they would be indestructible, but to no avail!

That was of course before we tried Dr. Doormat!

I am happy to say, that although she has tried to scratch at it, it has held up wonderfully for the last 5 years!!

We were sold on Dr, Doormat on it's ability to fight germs from the beginning, but have also happily discovered that it is the one and only doormat that our sweet dog Val cannot destroy!

Thanks very much and keep up the good work.