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What Doctors, Scientists, and Home Environmental Experts Say about Dr. Doormat

"Given the large number of fecal bacteria and mold we carry in on our shoes ("about 93% of the bottom of all shoes contain fecal becateria") I believe that Dr. Doormat, an antimicrobial treated doormat is a great way to reduce and control our exposure at the entrance before it can enter our homes."

 Dr. Chuck P. Gerba, Professor of Environmental Virology, University of Arizona

"A typical doormat becomes a growth site or reservoir for microbes and can contaminate the sole of a shoe prior to entering a home. Dr. Doormat effectively inhibits the growth of microbes on the surface of the doormat minimizing the transference of pollutants into the home, helping to support a healthy home environment."

Dr. Ernest Crutcher, Microbiologist Redmond, WA

"We are enjoying the mats both at home and the clinic. Pets as well as their owners come in all day bringing their paws and shoe with all types of debris, chemicals, and germs. It’s good to know that we have one more tool in our arsenal in the battle to keep theclinic as germ free as possible. We have two at the front door, side by side, and one at the employee's entrance. At home our mats are located at 4 different doors. It is like Old MacDonald's farm with 3 horses, 5 dogs, and 2 cats. I really enjoy the peace of mind that I have knowing that our floors are healthier because of Dr. Doormat."

Sherry & Dr. Bobby R. Zahn, DVM, Highlands Animal Clinic, Highlands, TX

“Dr. Doormat is perfect for our four-legged family members. We can’t completely prevent our pets paws from encountering potentially harmful environmental toxins, allergens and microorganisms. However, Dr. Doormat's technology can certainly help reduce their exposure to these elements and disable harmful microorganisms while offering our pets a unique line of protection. It is sturdy enough that they can’t destroy it and soft and comfortable enough for them to sleep or eat on. I personally recommend it to all my family, friends and patients.”

Mel Davis, DVM, Woodstock MD

“Dr. Doormat is more effective than the average doormat in removing dirt and debris from the bottom of our shoes. I use it in my home.”

Jeffrey C Philibert DVM DACVIM (O), New England Veterinary Oncology Group LLC

"Dr. Doormat is a functional, durable product that I enjoy using in my own home."

Dr. Rachel Schreiber, Allergist, Rockville & Germantown, MD

"Step On Up – Stop tracking allergens and microbes into your home. Dr. Doormat is a new allergy friendly doormat that's eco-friendly and specially designed to neutralize seasonal allergens, dust, pesky pollutants and odors. A non-toxic, antimicrobial formula is permanently bonded to the yarn. Perfect for high-traffic areas such as doorways and hallways."

Jennifer Kales, Allergic Living Magazine (Canada/USA)

"Pre-school children, who ingest the most dust, have low body weight, and lack fully developed organs and immune and nervous systems are at the highest risk from dust and dirt track-in. Pollutants in carpet dust contribute to the total exposure of nearly all people, but especially to infants and toddlers. Soil sticks to the shoes, is carried into the house onto your floors and rugs, to the hands of a toddler and finally to their mouth. 
Wiping your shoes twice on Dr. Doormat and using an efficient vacuum cleaner with a dirt finder can reduce dust levels in the rugs by 99%, or 100 times. These same procedures can reduce lead levels by 95%, or 20 times."

John Roberts, M.S., P.E., Home Environmental Expert Sammamish, WA

"So many of my patients live in the suburbs and suffer from allergy problems and skin conditions caused by household dust, molds and other skin irritants. Dr. Doormat is an inexpensive and effective way to improve your home environment with little to no effort on the home owners part. What a terrific product."

Dr. David Green, MD, Dermatology, Bethesda, MD


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"We have a total of eight Dr. the entrances, below our garden table and under the golf cart in our garage. The mats are easily vacuumed and clean with soap and water. We love your products.”

Carol-Lee and Lenny Ronco, Hilton Head Island, South Carolina


"It turns out that my dog loves the mat, and likes to sit there and chew her bone on it. And I'm sure that the rugs have helped to keep both my house and cabin cleaner than they would have been."

Kathryn Kossow, Toronto, Ontario, Canada


"I am talking my fanatical friends into these doormats. Mine has arrived, and I am already feeling healthier."

Rhoda Stamell


"Dr. Doormat has been indestructible as a crate pad for Punchy!!!!! As you know we went thru several dog beds b/c Punchy chewed thru them all. This mat has been super and she loves it too :-)"

Renee A, Potomac, MD


"My wife is a Registered Nurse and works all day in the most germ-laden environment in the world, a hospital. Your product is a precious gift to help solve a major problem; the bringing home of germs [read more]"

Roy Tuckman and Diane Schmidt RN

Happy owners of Dr. Doormat


"After moving from Canada to Panama City I am especially happy to have the six doormats I purchased from you about 4 years ago. They are in continued daily use! Not only do I have them "positioned for action" at the front door and the balcony door [read more]"

Nicole Hornberger, Panama


"As a stay-at-home Mom always on the lookout for ways to keep my home the healthiest environment I can for my children, I was so excited when I discovered your Dr. Doormat product! I absolutely love the one I purchased for our home! [read more]"

Monica Ranney


"I want to pass on a story of how Dr. Doormat has been a God send to us when it comes to our dog Valentine, Val for short! We adopted Val from the Anti-Cruelty Society in Chicago on March 1, 1999. [read more]"

Ellen Miller, Chicago, Illinois