Dr. Doormat is the product of a single question.

If you could do something to protect your home from being invaded by allergens, toxins and pollutants…would you?

Debbie Estis Greenspan would. And she did. The Founder and CEO of the company behind this exciting new advance technology in home environmental protection first came upon her idea after becoming a first-time mother in 2002.

"It Must Be The Shoes..."

A lifelong allergy sufferer herself, Debbie began researching ways to make her home environment as clean as possible for herself and for her growing family. What she found surprised her…and will probably surprise you too. She learned that up to 90% of the toxins, pollutants and dirt that enter your house do so right on the bottom of your shoes! Just stop and think for a moment about all the places those soles of yours go in a single day. By the time you walk through that door, you are providing a red-carpet welcome for an infinite number of harmful elements from your office, your car, stores, your gym, public restrooms…the list goes on and on. But we think you get the point.

"Paging Dr. Doormat…"

So what is a concerned mother to do? Greenspan sprung into action.

"I felt like I had to do something," she said. "So I began thinking about creating a line of defense to try and make my home the sanctuary we all would like our homes to be for our families, and especially our children."

Her search took her far and wide…then literally landed her right on her own doorstep.

"I looked at my doormat," she said, and thought, "hmmmmm."

That thought sprung her into further action, with more research and phone calls and legwork that led her to expand her network of business contacts into the scientific realm and resulted in the first-ever antimicrobial treated doormat designed for private residences.

"On Call…24/7"

Grime and harmful toxins don’t sleep, and neither should you.

Dr. Doormat provides 'round the clock protection for your home environment. Leading home environmental engineers and microbilogists along with Veterinarians love using Dr. Doormat in there offices and homes too.


As a Mom I believe I'm the best qualified person to make decisions regarding my children. I've suffered allergies & asthma most of my life so I have tried to eliminate allergy triggers in my home. Watching my six month old playing on her activity mat, I realized her world was the floor. She put everything in her mouth. Friends and family reassured me that “A little dirt won’t hurt her.” I wasn’t convinced and quickly learned that none of those elements belong on her menu. All those years of being allergic to house dust and I had no idea that dirt and dust were comprised of so many contaminants including: dust mites, carcinogens, pesticides, bacteria from animal feces, toxins, mold, mildew, yeast and high concentrations of cadmium, mercury, lead and arsenic (the mix of ingredients can vary depending on a rural, suburban and urban environment).

I was shocked to find that dirt and “track-in” from our street shoes were invading our homes. I believe people have a right to know and as consumers, we deserve better. Armed with this new found knowledge, I felt a responsibility to take action. This led me to develop the best doormat ever to keep our homes clean -- Dr. Doormat is beautifully crafted, easy to use, affordable and made with great thought and love.

Debbie Estis Greenspan
Dr. Doormat, Inc.
Founder, CEO