The Hardware Stores Speak!

“We couldn’t be more pleased with sales and service of Dr. Doormat! We doubled our first order in a short period of time. Dr. Doormat has done as great job of giving us the tools and training to sell their product and their packaging and easy POP display sells the rug itself. Our community is appreciative of any eco-friendly conscious products and there isn’t anything that compares in this category.”

Mike Gunter, Davis Ace Hardware, Davis, CA

“Not just a great looking mat but a quality product too. We have expanded our range from the initial order to encompass different sizes and have very satisfied customers. Dr. Doormat is a great company to work with.”

Jim Zoller, Do it Best - Zoller Hardware, Cashiers, NC M

“Dr. Doormat has performed very well in our store. They are much more attractive than the rest of the doormats we stock. I purchased one myself and, living in a land of sand, it does a remarkable job of keeping me, and my cocker spaniels from tracking so much sand into the apartment. It is also very easy to clean. Great product!”

Gregg Heyer, Palm Springs True Value, Palm Springs, CA

“Dr. Doormat is far more than an ordinary doormat. We brought them into stock in September 2013 and I’ve been very impressed with the sales! We’ve reordered many times and will continue to do so. It’s a perfect niche product for families with children and pets and easy to sell in our market! The choice of colors, design and branded medallion give it an upscale look. They do a great job of helping us merchandise the product with a PDQ display that we keep at our front entrance area because the information and graphics often help sell the product on the spot. 100% made in the USA, what more can I say!”

Shawn Fletcher, Ace Hardware - Strosniders of Potomac, Maryland

“Dr. Doormat outsold the lower priced mats that we had in inventory. They were positioned next to one another but our customers commented on the overall quality, how it performs, and they really liked the finished designer look for their home. We were pleased with the sales and customer feedback.”

Ford Pye, Do it Best - Modern Paint and Hardware, New Rochelle, NY

“The customers are excited about Dr. Doormat, it’s selling! We really liked the video and felt it made a big difference because it helps explain how it works. Now it sells itself.”

Shelby Bryan, True Value Hardware - H Houst & Son, Inc. Woodstock, NY

"I had to order a third display of Dr. Doormat, very durable." 

Barry Coleman, Do it Best - Weed & Duryea Building Supply and Home Center, New Canaan, CT

“We are in a tourist town and many of our customers bought them for their summer homes and rental properties. The mats were very popular because of their quality, functionality and colors.”

Andy Fingado, Ace hardware - Conwell Enterprises, Provincetown, MA