How our Antimicrobial Treated Doormats Work:

Helps Trap Allergens and Like a Magnet Zaps the Nasty Grime on the mat!

Exclusively from Dr. Doormat … the first antimicrobial treated doormat, lab tested for performance. You track millions of microbes and toxins into your home each day with your shoes. The antimicrobial protects the mat preventing degredation.

Dr. Doormat helps trap allergens and toxins and zaps the nasty grime removing up to 90% of the debris from the bottom of your shoes and paws simply by wiping thoroughly (at least twice). 

These photographs were taken in a lab conducting tests with Dr. Doormat. A swab was taken from the bottom of the shoes and magnified for clarity. The left represents a shoe before having used Dr. Doormat, while the right shows the bottom of the same shoe after wiping twice on Dr. Doormat.

Image of Before an Antimicrobial Doormat

Image of After an Antimicrobial Doormat

The common doormat is a virtual breeding ground for microbes, that can include fungus, bacteria, mold, mildew, and a host of other unwelcome intruders. The above pictures show the results of a lab study taking a sample from each mat and placing it under a high-powered microscope.

Image of After an Antimicrobial Doormat

Here's what a brand new coco fiber mat looked like after one week of normal use.

Image of After an Antimicrobial Doormat

The test results for Dr. Doormat in severe aggressive conditions showed a significant reduction in odors from fungus and bacteria. 

In a lab study using an office building with everyday street traffic for a period of over 6 weeks, Dr. Doormat showed 0% growth. Common doormats including Coir (Coco fiber), Rope, wood and attractive personalized ones, became an active breeding ground for microbial growth. We wanted to test Dr. Doormat in the worst conditions imaginable, typical of a construction zone or landscapers environment. In a very aggressive test using heavy top soil on Dr. Doormat there was 83% reduction in fungus and 70% reduction in bacteria compared with regular doormats showing full growth. You may ask why any microbes survived on Dr. Doormat? Dirt has two sides just like all objects, and the side that comes in contact with the mat gets impacted while the side that doesn't can naturally still survive. With heavy top soil, some of the nasty debris became cocooned in the dirt particles and were protected. This is the reason for wiping shoes thoroughly and vacuuming the mat regularly. The difference is tangibly significant.

The Dirty Little Secret About The Common Doormat!

Every time you step on your common doormat, you could be stepping into a reservoir of microbial growth.

“The First Step Toward A Healthy Home!" ®

Here’s How It Works:

The antimicrobial treatment is infused deep into the layers of the doormat creating a positive charge. Dr. Doormat uses a ninety thread count woven into the special bubble pattern that acts like scrubbing brushes. Through a physical mode of action the antimicrobial starts to disable the nasty odors from negatively charged microorganisms like bacteria, fungus and mold on the mat on contact. 

The microbes are not poisoned; instead the technology used by Dr. Doormat disables through a physical mode of action. Dr. Doormat helps significantly reduce the track-in of debris and nasty grime. Your home is your sanctuary. Help keep your home as beautiful and clean as possible. Protection limited to product.

Note: Our Scientific research available on the navigation bar shows that in rural, suburban and urban environments street dirt and household dust can include the following elements: allergens, pesticides, heavy metals (cadmium, mercury and lead), bacteria, mold, fungus and mildew.