Q: Do I have to re-treat the mat?

A: No, You never have to re-treat the mat. Since the cured antimicrobial chemistry is non-volatile, insoluble, and non-leaching, the treatment should last the life of the mat. With proper care your mat should last several years.

Q: What tests have been done to show that the mat really does work?

A: During the research and development of Dr. Doormat a series of lab tests were conducted by microbiologists specializing in antimicrobial chemistry. The results established the guidelines for manufacturing the most effective antimicrobial treated doormat and used as a baseline for creating the standards of our manufacturing process. The official approved Dr. Doormat was then sent to a third party lab with a microbiologist and engineer that are home environmental experts and have conducted extensive research and field studies on the topic of street dirt and track-in. The results validated our claims and were used to further establish the quality control standards that our factory uses in the production of Dr. Doormat today. Our most recent lab studies, conducted in May 2013 by the University of Arizona, Dept. of Soil, Water and Environmental Science once again confirmed our findings and continue to help us maintain our claims.

Q: If my cat falls asleep on Dr. Doormat will it hurt the cat?

A: Absolutely not, your cat will be happy and the nasty grime that may be living on your cats fur or paws that come into contact with the treated surface area of the mat will be zapped. The treated surface of Dr. Doormat also helps control odors on the mat and prevents the degradation of the mat which is an added benefit for pet owners. Remember, the special antimicrobial chemistry is permanently bonded to the fibers of the carpet and can't come off.

Q: If my baby should crawl onto my Dr. Doormat, could the doormat hurt my baby just by crawling on it?

A: No, The antimicrobial treatment cannot penetrate the skin of a human being and is permanently bonded to the surface of the mat and can't be tracked throughout your house. For over 30 years this antimicrobial has been safely used in other consumer products including disposable diapers which come in direct contact with your babies skin. The chemistry has been accepted and registered with the EPA, EU and other regulatory agencies for this specific application.

Q: Can I keep Dr. Doormat outside my front door?

A: Dr. Doormat is designed for indoor use and will work outdoors providing the mat is under cover and not exposed to the elements. An entrance way that is covered with an overhang or some kind of protection from the elements should be fine. The mat will last longer if used indoors. Remember to benefit from Dr. Doormat’s antimicrobial features, the surface area of the mat needs to be completely exposed to make contact with the surface areas of the bottom of the shoes or paws stepping on the mat.

Q: What is the proper care of Dr. Doormat?

A: Complete instructions for the care and maintenance of Dr. Doormat are at the bottom of the About page.

Q: Can periodic vacuuming damage the antimicrobial function of the mat?

A: No, It is recommended that you shake out the mat, (outside of course) as frequently as possible and vacuum at least twice a week if possible. The entire treated surface of Dr. Doormat has been treated and will not wear off unless the fibers of the yarn are removed or worn off. A vacuum cleaner used normally will not reduce the strength of the treated surface.