Eco-Friendly Doormat

Our Environmental Commitment

The label “eco-friendly” conjures up all sorts of positive feelings about products and the companies that make them, but what does it really mean?

As a manufacturer I feel that it means I have a responsibility to manufacture a product using the best materials to ensure a high quality product and simultaneously make conscious choices to choose materials and processes that minimize the impact on our planet.

I created Dr. Doormat because I wanted to make my home the sanctuary that we all want it to be for our families and especially our children. Making the product environmentally friendly was a natural choice that reflects my values as a Mom.

Debbie Estis Greenspan
Dr. Doormat, Inc.
, President

Yarn Made from Recycled Materials

Image of Yarn from Dr. Doormat's Natural Fiber Doormats
We are making a conscious choice to minimize waste on our planet. The yarn in Dr. Doormat's eco-friendly floor mats is a 90 thread count woven from recycled and virgin raw materials.

100% of all scrap materials used in production are recaptured and incorporated into the yarn. Nothing goes to waste, reducing industrial waste on our planet. We control what goes into our recycled yarn every step of the way so we are assured there are no foreign or toxic materials used.

How Rubber Is Made

Antimicrobial Treatment

When we chose our specially formulated antimicrobial chemistry, we carefully selected one that would not poison microorganisms but instead disables and guards against the growth of odors from microbial causes with a physical mode of action eliminating the chance of “super bugs.” The antimicrobial protection is non-leaching and biodegradable and protects the doormat from degredation.

Rubber Backing Made from Natural, Sustainable, and Re-usable Resources

Ever wonder what’s in those deeply discounted products you buy? While buying cheap sounds like a good idea, it could in fact pose a threat to your home and health. Imagine a rusty old barge sitting in a harbor overseas half full of oil. The owner wants to offload that oil and sell it cheap to a broker. The broker then sells it to a manufacturer who purchases it for cheap because they are trying to assemble a product and keep costs down. The oil can be used in bargain priced doormats and other household products that end up in your kitchen or entryway. Did you ever lift up a mat and the floor yellowed or you slipped and fell? The oils from the mat could be leaching into your home environment. While keeping costs down may be important, we are not willing to make concessions on the quality of the ingredients going into our product... and ultimately into your home.

In every step of manufacturing Dr. Doormat, we had to make decisions and remember our original goal – to solve a problem without creating a bigger problem. We created our own blend of natural/virgin and recycled rubber giving us a unique ability to incorporate natural, sustainable resources with existing materials, minimizing our footprint on the environment. When choosing rubber, we needed to be sure the oils in the rubber were safe and unused. Knowing the origin of the raw materials and blending and curing the ingredients gave us the level of control and confidence we were looking for. Dr. Doormat's antimicrobial treated floor mats are made in a controlled environment in the United States.

Did you know that natural rubber comes from rubber trees? However, the trees are not cut down. Instead, the rubber is sapped from trees in tropical forests of Brazil, Western Africa and Southeast Asia. The bark of the tree is “tapped” and the white milky sap (latex) collected in cups to begin the process. To view a video of the process, click here.