The Champion of Your Home Environment: Getting Ahead by Banishing Clutter

Clutter can get out of hand in no time, especially if you have a house full of children and an active family life, It can be really difficult to control the clutter build up. An excess of clutter makes such a huge difference in the other areas of home management and family life in general! Think of how much time is spent cleaning, caring for, or even just moving some of these things around. 

cluttered laundry 300 252x300 The Champion of Your Home Environment: Getting Ahead by Banishing Clutter

Decluttering makes cleaning easier and saves loads of time in the long run!

Some people have defined clutter as anything in your home that isn’t a) useful, b) beautiful, or c) joyful. I like that definition, but it might be a little too inclusive. A couch can be useful and beautiful, but you don’t need 3 of them! Toys bring my kids lots of joy, but we can’t keep every toy that comes into the house or they would take over our lives!

The best way to clear out your clutter is to spend some concentrated effort on doing so and then keeping up with it regularly – every week or so. Here are some tips for getting started:

Have a clear out. Honestly do you really need it? Is it that important? The first step in reducing your clutter is to go through everything in your home and get rid of what you no longer need. Liking something is different then needing something. Many of us have far too many possessions and they can really get in the way of daily life. Give everything you don’t need to charity (recycle), this way it can be put to good use by someone who really needs it. Simplify your life.

Be ruthless in your clearing out and don’t just send things to the attic for dealing with later, this will only delay the inevitable. Get your kids to help too. Set up a station for different items and get everyone to pitch in and do their part. Teach them the art of giving and sharing, especially when it comes to toys and gently used clothes they’ve outgrown.

Have a system. Once you’ve cleared out the clutter it’s important to set up a system to keep things clutter free. Set up a place for everything. You can get economical baskets which are natural and also a great way to hide stationary, odds and ends, kids toys and everything else in between. Label everything clearly so that all members of the household know where things go.

Setting up a recycling system will also help the planet and the house stay in tip top shape. Help your children get to grips with the system by clearly labelling everything and showing them where things go. Used papers can go in one basket to use as scraps for writing notes and anything unused can be recycled.

Reduce the amount you buy. Not only will this help the environment, it will also help your pocketbook and sanity too. Really think purchases through. If it’s an impulse buy then leave it behind. It’s very empowering to walk away from things you really don’t need to buy.

Get your kids involved by letting them know the importance of reducing our consumption and help them think through any potential buys.

Reducing the clutter in your home can be really beneficial. A clutter-free home will have a sense of renewed energy. It is also easier to keep tidy and clean a home that is clutter free. Our belongings are not an extension of us and there are many things that we don’t actually need. De-cluttering the home can certainly leave you feeling refreshed and empowered. Less is more.

May Every Step You Take Be Healthy!

Best Regards,
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