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Keep Your Family Safe at Summer Events!

Many of us are visiting theme parks, fairs, and other events with our families in the next few months. These trips are so much fun and a great way to make family memories. Keep your experience positive by observing these safety precautions.

Preventing and Planning for Separation

Losing track of a child in a crowded, unfamilar area is a nightmare for any parent. You can reduce the odds of this happening by talking with older children about why it’s important to stay together. Larger families and groups might even find a “buddy system” useful.

eventsafety 300x200 Keep Your Family Safe at Summer Events!

Keep your family safe with these event safety tips!

Smaller children can be a a bigger concern. Baby carriers can be used to carry children up to 35 pounds. Having little ones in a stroller can help as well, but they are more difficult to navigate through crowds. And if there was ever a time and place for a child safety harness, it’s at the theme park with a toddler!

No matter how well you plan, crowds make it easier to get separated. There are a number of ways to plan ahead and make the best of a bad situation if it does happen:

  • Teach kids your cell phone number as soon as they are able to learn!
  • Teach kids how to find a phone in a public situation or locate a trustworthy adult such as an employee or police officer, depending on their age.
  • You can find or make bracelets with your phone number, or write it on their clothing or skin with a marker. Also write on paper and pin inside their pocket.
  • There are GPS clips available that you can attach to a necklace or pin to clothing, which can then be located with a cell phone app.

Stay Hydrated

Bring your own water to events, if you can. Staying hydrated when spending extended time outside is crucial, and you’ll appreciate not paying an arm and a leg for bottled water!

Wear Sun Protection

Sun screen is a must at any outdoor event! Slather it on before you head out and bring a bottle with you – it does wear off over time, especially if you end up getting wet from any theme park rides.

Protect Your Belongings

The sad truth is that crowded events often attract thieves – keep your personal belongings safe by keeping your wallet in a front pocket and carrying only the amount of cash you need to have on hand. Don’t hang purses on the back of a chair or cell phones left on the table, too easy for thieves to grab and run.

May Every Step You Take Be Healthy!

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