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Spring Cleaning Tips for Busy Moms

Spring is technically here – even though it doesn’t seem like it yet for everyone! Purging the winter dust and clutter makes home feel so much more energizing and inviting. That’s why spring cleaning is such a popular notion – the mess and dirt can really build up after a long winter cooped up inside!

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You don’t have to tackle your whole house to reap the benefits of spring cleaning!

But what about those of us who simply don’t have time to scrub our house from top to bottom this Spring? Fortunately, you can break the spring cleaning process down into manageable chunks to get it done – even if you have a busy lifestyle.

  • One room at a time. Don’t try to get your whole home done at once – just take it one room at a time. Start with your most lived-in rooms; you’ll appreciate the results so much more. The kitchen, for example, is a great place to start. 
  • Follow the same process for each room. You’ll get into a “groove” and work much more efficiently if you follow the same routine each time. For example: purge clutter (to trash and to donate), organize what’s left, and clean from top to bottom.
  • Update your decor. Add fresh flowers and other “Spring” touches to freshen up the way your home looks and feels.
  • Clean the window treatments. If you can’t get to all the “extra” jobs in a room, at least do this! It will really make a difference when you start opening up the windows as it warms up.
  • Tackle fix-it projects. As you have time, tackle any little projects you’ve been putting off all winter. Any broken door latches, handles, etc. getting fixed will be appreciated far more than a squeaky-clean floor under the fridge. icon wink Spring Cleaning Tips for Busy Moms

If you’re too busy to tackle the whole house this Spring, don’t worry. Just focus on the tasks that you and your family will notice and appreciate the most.

May Every Step You Take Be Healthy!

Best Regards,
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Debbie Estis Greenspan
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Spring into Success – Clean Office Tips

 Spring into Success   Clean Office Tips

Coming Soon to an Office Near You

It’s official – Spring is here! Many families are going through the process of spring cleaning their homes, a yearly practice that is refreshing and good for our health. Why not apply the same idea to the office? Spring clean your way to a clean office to recharge and boost your health, productivity and happiness at work!


Healthy Home Mom’s Office Cleaning Tips

  • Make a good first impression at the front door & entryway.  Put your best foot forward and give it a thorough cleaning.  Use non-toxic eco-friendly cleaners.  Open windows when you clean, let the office breath.  Be sure to use a vacuum with a new bag and clean the head of vacuum before you begin to prevent contamination.
  • Ceiling Fans and light fixtures – Start at the top and work your way down.  Unplug the fixture and wipe blades, change bulbs (begin a shopping list for supplies).
  • Clean Electronics – Wipe down electronics from top to bottom, paying close attention to areas that are touched frequently like keyboards, phones and buttons.  Remove all items from the desks, wash and dry all counters and desks. (use cloth cotton diapers to reduce dust, purchase a pack of 10).  Check for battery replacement.

    keyboardresized 300x225 Spring into Success   Clean Office Tips

    Germs at your fingertips!

  • Deep Clean Office Furniture – Take the opportunity to give office chairs and other furniture a thorough cleaning using a steam cleaner with attachements. Do it on a Friday to allow everything to dry over the weekend.
  • Sanitize Germ “Hot Spots” – Doorkobs, cabinet handles, drawer pulls, light switches and desk tops are all germ magnets. Sanitize them thoroughly to curb germs.
  • Wash Windows – Inside and Out – Give the windows a good shining with a 50-50 solution of vinegar and water.
  • Supply Room/ Copy Center/ Shipping Station – Clean it out and consolidate.  Wash all shelves, counters and add needed supplies to shopping list.
  • Steam Clean Carpets – Last thing is steam cleaning those carpets, paying close attention to high traffic areas. No carpets? Great wash the floors.  Last step, place Dr. Doormat at entryways to trap dirt and dust, controlling the growth of microorganisms.

Add Inspiring Touches

The way you decorate your office has a profound impact on daily productivity and your mood as you work. Add inspiring and motivating elements to your surrounding to make the most impact.

  • Encouraging Wall Art – Hang inspiring quotes & images to encourage productivity & creativity.
  • Color Choices Matter – Choose colors according to the impact you want to have. Blue is the most productive color, while purple encourages creativity. Calming colors include Green and Blue which are tied to nature.
  • Curb Clutter – Select organizers that help minimize the clutter.  Clutter is overwhelming and stressful – not conducive to a productive environment!  Set up systems and rules that you can live with to maintain order and rid yourself of those little pieces of paper and piles.  A favorite trick is a shoe bag hidden on the inside of a closet door which makes great compartments for little things.

Spring into success by maximizing your productivity in a fresh, clean office.

May Every Step You Take Be Healthy!

Best Regards,
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Debbie Estis Greenspan
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