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Protecting Your Family From the Flu This Season

There’s a lot to look forward to as the seasons change, but some aspects of the transition aren’t so welcome. One that we’re all familiar with is the flu. It seems to pop up like clockwork leaving many people sick and miserable for days – or even weeks.

avoidingtheflu 300x191 Protecting Your Family From the Flu This Season

Don’t end up like this poor guy – take steps to protect your health!

Nobody likes going in to get the flu shot, but the fact is the flu vaccine reduces the odds of getting the flu by 70% to 90%. The other alternative is the nasal spray vaccine which my 10 year old prefers.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, those who live with or interact with small children and babies, pregnant women, the elderly and anyone else who is immune-compromised for any reason should place extra importance on getting the shot, as those around them are relying on herd immunity for safety from the illness.

Other groups are also at higher risk for developing influenza:

  • Small children, elderly men and women, and pregnant women
  • Native Americans
  • Those with certain medical conditions like asthma and heart disease
  • Those with weakened immune systems from medications or conditions such as HIV, AIDS, or cancer
  • Obese men and women (those with a body-mass-index of 40 or greater)

You can also take a few natural preventative measures – check out my last post on avoiding the flu for some healthy (and often overlooked!) tips on how to do so.

And of course – wipe those feet on Dr. Doormat each and every time you come home. Make your home a safe haven from germs and don’t let them inside. I’m running out to get my shot today.

May Every Step You Take Be Healthy!

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