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Home Detox – Balancing the Elements: Fire

fire 300x225 Home Detox   Balancing the Elements: FireThe final element we’ll cover in our series is Fire – one that most of us have been using plenty of over the last few weeks. The system used to heat our homes actually creates a number of toxic byproducts that are then released into the air. There are a few ways to maximize the safety and lower toxins when it comes to your home heating system.

Go Electric

If you have respiratory issues, switching to electric heating (and cleaning your heating appliances often!) may be your best option. It will likely save you money, as well!


If you’re otherwise healthy or if doing so is impractical, you might not find it necessary to switch to electric heating. Another thing you can do to improve your indoor air is be sure to ventilate your home well. Opening your windows often can help. Be sure to have a properly functioning hood fan over your gas-powered stove, as well.

Ditch Flame Retardant Chemicals

While they were created to protect us, new research shows that the flame resistant chemicals used to treat furniture, carpets, and children’s pajamas are actually linked to a number of health issues, such as neurological delays, infertility, thyroid issues, and more.

These chemcials show up everywhere, even in our dust bunnies! A co-author of a study on household dust explains:

“Our study found that people are exposed to toxic flame retardants every day. These hazardous chemicals are in the air we breathe, the dust we touch and the couches we sit on. Many flame retardants raise health concerns, including cancer, hormone disruption, and harmful effects on brain development. It is troubling to see that a majority of homes have at least one flame retardant at levels beyond what the federal government says is safe. Infants and toddlers who spend much time on the floor are at higher risk for exposure.”

So pick up that dust, too!

May Every Step You Take Be Healthy!

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