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5 Easy House Cleaning Habits to Keep Your Home Clean

 5 Easy House Cleaning Habits to Keep Your Home Clean

Teaching good house cleaning habits as you go and as they grow.

Coming home to a clean, organized space is always much more relaxing than arriving upon a cluttered, messy home. If you’ve ever wondered how some people seem to keep their home clean and tidy all the time, you’re in luck: there are specific habits that you can learn that make it easier to keep the chaos in check.


It’s amazing how quickly clutter can add up in the home. Spending just a few minutes each day de-cluttering will really help you keep your home more organized. Just choose one area per day – a drawer or closet shelf, for example – to tackle and organize.

Clean As You Go

It’s easy to fall into the habit of doing a “big clean” every week or two, but it is much more effective to break up tasks daily and “clean as you go” instead. There are a few ways you can implement this habit. For example:

  • Wash dishes as your meal is cooking and as you use them rather than waiting until they are piled up on the counter.
  • Put away out-of-place items as you move from room to room.
  • Keep a bottle of your favorite bathroom cleaning spray with paper towels under the counter. Wipe off the bathroom counter and mirror after you brush your teeth.  keep cleaning supplies readily available.

When you make this a habit, you’ll find yourself noticing new ways to clean as you go all the time!

Identify Your Trouble Zones

We all have those areas in our home that end up serving as a “dumping ground” for bags, keys, mail, and other odds and end. Identify those zones in your home and create a place for those things.  I placed a set of hooks in the hall closet for keys.  No more searching for keys.  Hang a shoe bag on the inside door, all those pockets are great for gloves, sunglasses, and umbrellas. Regularly clear those trouble spots out to keep them in check.


There are always going to be days when you just don’t feel like cleaning. Even so, strive to complete even one chore on those days, no matter how small it is. Simple tasks like dusting a room, sweeping the kitchen, or wiping down the bathroom take just a few minutes. As they add up, these little tasks are what keep your home clean.

Train Your Kids

Moms know just how much disorder kids can add into the mix! Establishing good house cleaning habits with them early on will help you keep your home in order. Even toddlers can learn to put their toys away or place books back on the shelf. Teach these tasks as early as possible and encourage little ones to participate so they can learn to take pride in respecting their things and their family’s space.  How many of us constantly feel like we are cleaning up after our children?  How many of us have given up or heard a friend say I just close my teenagers door?  If you are cleaning up and not teaching as you go then you are an enabler that is only helping to perpetuate this behavior.   Divide and Conquer!  Divide the tasks among the members of the family to take the pressure off you.

Practicing these simple habits will help you maintain a cleaner, more orderly space that you can feel good about.  Your family and friends will feel welcome coming home to a clean and organized home.

May Every Step You Take Be Healthy!

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