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How to Fight Germ Hot Spots

If you ask someone which spot in their house had the most germs, you might get a variety of areas. Some would say the floor, the toilet seat, or the countertops. But the biggest germ “hot spots” are actually not what most people would expect. To learn how to fight germ hot spots in your home, it’s important to know where they are.  

germhotspots 300x225 How to Fight Germ Hot Spots

Certain areas of the home tend to breed germs quite easily.

#1 – The kitchen sponge – Experts may disagree on many things, but when it comes to germs most will agree the number one hot spot in your house is the kitchen sponge. They are often filled with germs which are spread throughout the kitchen with each wipe. Run your sponges through a dishwashing cycle, sanitize them or change them out every two weeks to fight the germs.

#2 – The vacuum cleaner – You think you’re vacuuming your floor and cleaning? Think again, you could be making things worse. You’re picking up dirt and spreading germs because they go right through the vacuum cleaner bag. Replacing your vacuum cleaner bag regularly will help to reduce the spread of germs.  One of the most overlooked issues are the germs and contaminants collecting on the head of the vacuum cleaner.  To prevent the spread of germs all through the house sanitize the head of the vacuum cleaner before and after vacuuming.

#3 – The washing machine – Even though you think your clothes are clean, you could be passing germs from one wash load to another. Washing your clothes in cold or warm water and laundry detergent doesn’t do enough to sanitize your clothes. Either you’ll need to use hot water or an antibacterial soap to kill those germs.

#4 – The family’s toothbrushes – As much as we would all like to think our toothbrushes are clean, that isn’t the case. If your toothbrush is in the open in your bathroom, you may be getting toilet germs on them. Disinfect your toothbrushes regularly, at least with hot water, and flush with the toilet seats down.

#5 – The kitchen trash can – This one may have been expected, but it’s actually cleaner than the other four germ hot spots. Garbage bags aren’t 100% foolproof, so it’s possible germs and yuck leak from the bottom. Those germs can spread to the other areas of the kitchen. Use a disinfecting spray each time you change the bag and wash any leakage you see with a disinfecting solution. Washing your garbage cans out from time to time will also help keep the germs at bay.

Keeping on top of these germ hot-spots will keep your home cleaner – and ultimately healthier!

May Every Step You Take Be Healthy!

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