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How to Reduce Allergies in The Home

While you’ll see a lot of news and info popping up this time of year about pollen and reducing those allergy symptoms, the truth is “allergy season” lasts all year long. For those allergic to pets, this is no surprise. There are other risks present all year round, too. Read on to learn more about how to reduce allergies in every season. According to a recent issue of the Asthma and Allergy Foundation‘s quarterly newsletter, FreshAAIRwinter allergies come mainly from indoor sources, so be on the lookout in your home for allergen hot spots. “When windows are shut and the heater is on, less fresh air is circulated through your home and exposure to indoor allergens increases.”

How to Reduce Allergies – Check These Sources

 How to Reduce Allergies in The Home

typical allergy triggers in the home.

  • Pet Dander – Particularly concerning in the winter when your pet is likely indoors most of the time, pet dander can be a major cause of allergic reaction. Cut back on dander in the home by bathing your pet often and vacuuming your floors and furniture regularly.  If your pet is the one suffering from allergies look at your cleaning supplies.  Get rid of strong smells and go with non-toxic. Sometimes just good old fashioned floor soap works best.  Remember to wipe your dogs paws and underbelly after an outdoor walk. Having a problem with the pet bed and the odors.  Switch to an antimicrobial treated floor mat. Dr. Doormat controls the growth of microorganisms and odors. Position the mat at the doggie door and other entrances. Dogs also love sleeping on the floor mat because of the way it feels and they don’t destroy it.
  • Dust Mites – As gross at it sounds, these little buggers are everywhere. If you are allergic its likely to be more the feces of the dust mite than the actual mite.  Keep your home clean with a regular schedule – wash bedding often, dust surfaces, and stay on top of laundry.
  • Furnaces and Heating Sources – Dust and allergens accumulate in the heating and air conditioning system. Keep them serviced and change filters regularly. Follow these winter indoor air tips.
  • Carpets – Avoid wall to wall carpet, but if you have carpet and are stuck with it, at least make sure it stays as clean as possible.  Keep them cleaner by wiping shoes thoroughly on Dr. Doormat as you enter the home.  The surface of the mat will help trap allergens, pesticides and toxins and disable odor causing microorganisms (bacteria, mold, fungus) on the mat.  We can’t always guarantee how well a guest will wipe so we also recommend taking shoes off after using the antimicrobial treated doormat to reduce and minimize our exposure.  Keep a shoe rack near the welcome mat.    Vacuum your carpets regularly and steam clean as needed.  Remember to sanitize the head of the vacuum cleaner before and after you vacuum to further reduce the spread of viruses and germs.
  • Ceiling Fans – Have you cleaned them lately? Use the pillowcase trick to trap dust and dispose of it outside your home!

Cutting down on allergen exposure is the key to keeping your family breathing easy. Follow these tips for a cleaner, fresher home – all year long.

May Every Step You Take Be Healthy!

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