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Avoiding the Flu – Easily Overlooked Areas

Every year like clockwork, a new strain of the Influenza virus makes its rounds, leading many people to take precautions against illness. Some get the flu shot, while others rely on more natural preventative measures.

Whether you take either of these approaches, one thing everyone needs to pay attention to is good hygiene. Practicing good hygiene can have a significant impact on inhibiting the spread of illness.

Aside from the basic practices of hand washing and staying home when sick, don’t overlook these commonly ignored sources of contamination during flu season:

  •  Avoiding the Flu   Easily Overlooked Areas

    Germs at your fingertips!

    Clean the knick-knacks. When you stop to think about it, there are a lot of little items we touch and use every day that don’t always get cleaned on a regular basis! Remote controls, car keys, your cell phone and electronics all harbor a lot of germs when they aren’t cleaned often.

  • Toys. Similarly, your kids’ toys should be cleaned on a regular basis or the germs will thrive. Involve your kids to teach them the importance of good hygiene.
  • School supplies. It’s well known among parents that illness spreads like wildfire in schools. During flu season, take extra care to avoid bringing home the bug on your kids’ school stuff. Clean out the backpack and wipe down books and supplies regularly.
  • I make it a rule that when we come home we wipe our shoes on our antimicrobial treated  doormat, put our coats and hats away and go wash our hands with soap and water.  That includes guests too.  It really helps.
  • Shop smart. Even sick people need to eat – that’s why grocery stores are an incredibly easy place to contract an illness. Wipe down your shopping cart with antibacterial cloths, wash your grocery bags often and as always, wash your food before you eat it!
  • Give the car a good clean. Vehicles are often neglected when it comes to cleaning, so take the opportunity to give it a thorough clean – there’s no better time than when an illness is going around.
  • Do not share utensils or drinking glasses. Eating in public places? Ask the waiter for a cup of boiling water and let the utensils soak for a minute or two and wipe down before using.  Why risk the obvious.  A little action and awareness can go along way in keeping the family healthy all winter long.

May Every Step You Take Be Healthy!

Best Regards,
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