Love Your Body, Home, and Family!

Valentine’s Day, make the decision to LOVE yourself and your family by caring for your body and your home!

 Love Your Body, Home, and Family!

Love yourself with whole healthy foods.

Have you ever heard the saying, your body is the temple of your spirit?  Google it and you’ll probably find a variety of passages and links to religious sites.  I grew up hearing my father say this many times and although he is not a religious person he is a big believer in caring for his body and teaching his children to do the same.  I catch myself saying this to my kids at least once a week.  Remember, your body is the temple of your spirit, not a garbage can.  Make good choices!  Love and respect yourself through the long journey of your life on earth, and on and on.  Sorry, I don’t want to bore you with my Mommy Spiel.   Whatever it takes to make the spiritual connection with our mind and body is a personal choice that is taught or acquired.  Some more practical advice for treating our bodies as the temples they are – not defiling them by eating too much or by eating unhealthy food, drinking alcohol excessively, or practicing any other unhealthy habits.

What does it mean to view your body as a temple? Think about it this way: would you enter G-d’s home and make a big mess, throwing garbage around and vandalizing it? Of course not – in the same way, your body is a gift that is meant to be cared for.

Avoid processed food and toxic chemicals!  The store name Whole Foods evokes a sense of unadulterated whole foods not processed.  Don’t be fooled by boxed products labeled organic and yet they too can be processed.  Even at Whole Foods you have to carefully navigate through the store choosing between conventional (pesticide treated) produce vs. organic.   Choose fresh, whole, organic food for you and for your family. Keep your body’s home in good condition by making healthy choices like exercising regularly and reducing your exposure to toxins (like those found in many cleaning products).

 Love Your Body, Home, and Family!

Living a Healthy Lifestyle

When you view your body this way and start to treat it as a temple of your Spirit, you’ll see your health improve, your energy increase, and your body image improve. Your spiritual life is not a separate issue from your health and wellbeing – it’s all connected.

May Every Step You Take Be Healthy!

Best Regards,
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Debbie Estis Greenspan
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