Kids Off To Summer Camp? Healthy Tips To Know

I’m getting ready for the kids to head off to summer camp and have been thinking about ways I can ensure their health and safety as I get them packed and set to go. I’d like to share a few of the ways I’m doing that:

canoe 150x150 Kids Off To Summer Camp? Healthy Tips To Know

We’re more vulnerable to sun burn on the water – send sunscreen!

  1. Pack plenty of sunscreen. Next week I’ll be posting about safer sunscreens but the gist of it is – choose a sunscreen without toxic or harsh ingredients. Kids are going to be outside a lot at camp!
  2. Pack a large water bottle that’s easy to carry. Camp staff will definitely make sure there is water available, but make it easy for your kids to remember to hydrate by sending a water bottle they can clip onto their backpack or belt. Drinking plenty of water is so important.  Also, pack a hat that provides good cover.
  3. Send nontoxic, DEET-free bug repellent – Groovy Green Livin’ lists a few good brands as well as some other great nontoxic summer camp supplies!
  4. Pack unscented shampoo, conditioner & hygiene products to reduce attracting insects.
  5. Send a natural first aid product like ibody science’s towelettes to treat cuts and scrapes. Accidents are bound to happen, so a nontoxic way to treat them is great to have on hand!
  6. fannedmats usajpg 150x150 Kids Off To Summer Camp? Healthy Tips To Know

    Proud to be Made in the USA!

    Send Dr. Doormat to stand guard against toxins at the bunk entrance! There’s no doubt about it – kids are definitely going to get dirty at summer camp… keep some of the microbes and toxins out of the cabin by sending a mat along.

  7. Pack a dust mite cover for the mattress and pillow.  Most camps rent the facility out to other groups.  You never know what the mattress has been exposed to and this will insure a barrier between the crud and grime and your child.

Are your kids going to camp this summer? What are your plans for self-care during that time?

May Every Step You Take Be Healthy!

Best Regards,
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Debbie Estis Greenspan
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4 thoughts on “Kids Off To Summer Camp? Healthy Tips To Know

    1. debbiedrdoormat Post author

      Yes, My kids left for camp last week. They go to a sleep away camp in the Pocono’s and love it.

  1. ANN*H

    My grand kids dont go to camp but they do go out in the country and camping out.
    These are all still great things to remember . I like the idea of having a Dr. Doormat at the tents entrance.


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