Health Tips For Pets

Here on the blog, I talk about ways to keep your family healthy. It’s all about protecting the ones you love! It’s important that we don’t overlook our pets.

As the weather cools down, there are a few specific things to keep in mind to protect our furry friends.

Avoid Toxins

The deicers used to keep sidewalks and driveways clear contains salt and sometimes other chemicals that can irritate pets’ paws. Avoid walking your pet through these areas, and just to be safe, wipe their paws on Dr. Doormat and clean thoroughly to remove any residue.

Antifreeze is another toxin to be mindful about. It has a sweet taste that appeals to pets and kids alike, but it’s highly toxic. Keep it out of their reach (including spills in the driveway and garage)!

winterpets 300x199 Health Tips For Pets

Keep your pets safe and healthy this winter!

Keep Warm

Just like us humans, animals need to stay warm to avoid hypothermia and frostbite! Don’t leave pets outside for long periods of time when the weather is very cold.

Some dog breeds are well-suited to cold environments, while others will benefit from sweaters and doggie “socks.” Small dogs are especially at risk for hypothermia. Research your dog’s breed to see how you can help them cope with the cold.

If your dog does spend a significant amount of time outside, take care to ensure that their water bowl doesn’t freeze! You can even purchase heated water bowls for outdoor use.

Helping Feral Cats and Wildlife

The Humane Society has tips on how you can help feral cats in your neighborhood during the winter.

One important thing to remember is that cats and wildlife often take respite underneath warm parked vehicles, so in order to avoid injuring these critters as you pull away, make it a habit to bang on your hood before you start your vehicle in the winter and bend down to take a look by the wheels. You might look a little nutty, but you might very well save an animal!

May Every Step You Take Be Healthy!

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