Drop Processed Foods!

In the documentary, Super Size Me, Morgan Spurlock shares what happened when he ate nothing but fast food for a month. If you saw the movie, you know the results he found: a month of junk food had a profoundly harmful effect on his body, mind and spirit. He felt and looked awful because of his poor food choices. 

eatrealfood Drop Processed Foods!

Replace processed foods with natural, healthy alternatives!

While Super Size Me shows an extreme example, the reality is that many of us are cultivating the exact same results in our own life by making poor food choices far too often!

Are you considering making big changes in your health by eating healthier? If you are ready to make that jump from junk food and quick meals to unprocessed, wholesome food, start with 1-3 replacements and notice just how great you feel.

The United States population has an obsession with junk food; that’s certainly not news. We’re a fat, unhealthy nation, with quick, processed foods far too easily obtainable. All the junk food that you have been feeding your body will have eroded your body; and once you start living a healthier lifestyle, your body is in for a battle of change.

Some ideas for getting started:

  • Replace sodas and sports drinks (which are loaded with preservatives and artificial ingredients) with tea, or better yet, water!
  • Replace refined white bread with whole grain or sprouted grain bread.
  • Replace vegetable oil, which is often genetically modified and heavily processed, with extra virgin olive oil or coconut oil.
  • Replace white sugar with honey, stevia, or maple syrup.
  • Snack on fresh fruits and vegetables instead of chips, crackers, and other processed snacks.
  • Enjoy oatmeal for breakfast instead of sugary cereals.
  • Replace the high sugar yogurt containing 26g per serving with low sugar Greek yogurt, 8g per serving.

Switching to unprocessed food offers loads of benefits! You’ll enjoy a lower risk of the diseases related to preservatives, pesticides, and artificial ingredients. You’ll likely be eating much less refined sugar, giving more stable blood sugar and more energy. You’ll probably reach a healthier weight, if you have some to lose.

May Every Step You Take Be Healthy!

Best Regards,
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Debbie Estis Greenspan
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