Cleaning with Kids: Homemaking With Little Ones in Tow

A few weeks ago on my Facebook page, I asked what you wanted to read about here on the blog. A few of you wanted to hear some tips for cleaning with kids!

 Cleaning with Kids: Homemaking With Little Ones in Tow

A little bit of cleaning each day keeps the mess away! Everyone can pitch in.

Keeping a home clean and orderly with little ones in tow is definitely a challenge – but it can be done and it’s well worth the effort. As I mentioned in my post about your impact as a homemaker:

  • According to the American Academy of Pediatrics’ website, children thrive on routine and structure. Home management in the way of cleaning, scheduling, and organizing allows them to be more emotionally stable.
  • A clean home helps children learn and grow: a messy home is more predictive of bad behavior than parenting style alone, according to a 2006 article published in the Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry and Allied Disciplines.

Getting kids involved in the process of cleaning early on in life is a tremendous help. Make it joyful and fun – don’t treat cleaning up like drudgery or a punishment. It’s just a part of life and it doesn’t have to be unpleasant!

Some of these tips can help:

  • Curb clutter in your home. With less stuff (ie. junk) around, there’s less to clean!
  • Give age-appropriate tasks. Kids as young as two can do simple tasks like sorting silverware, matching socks and putting away toys. As they grow, introduce other chores like sweeping up the floor, dusting, and making their bed.
  • Stick to routines. Children thrive on routines – make cleaning up part of your everyday routine. You’re kids will know what to expect and learn to make cleanliness a habit.
  • Make it fun. Put on some fun music and have a blast while you clean! You can even get your kids their own special cleaning supplies – towels, a mini broom, spray bottles in their favorite color.
  • Be patient. As your kids learn, it may take a bit longer to get things done. Don’t hurry through or let perfectionism take over – it will be well worth it when you have little helpers who really know how to get the job done!


May Every Step You Take Be Healthy!

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2 thoughts on “Cleaning with Kids: Homemaking With Little Ones in Tow

  1. Donna Yost

    Great suggestions. I use to give my little ones something to do, so they felt like they where helping. That way when they got old enough to really help, they where use to dusting, or picking up their toys.

    1. debbiedrdoormat Post author

      Exactly. Because we started real young, my kids make their beds like brushing their teeth. It’s the rest of the room I need to work on. Executive function is a challenge at 11 and 12 yrs. old.: )


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