3 Flu Prevention Tips for Battling the Cold and Flu Season!

 3 Flu Prevention Tips for Battling the Cold and Flu Season!

Crisp Autumn Day

Football season is in full swing, apple picking time is here, and the leaves are beginning to turn. Fall has arrived. However, we all know the cool crisp air also marks the start of cold and flu season.

We’ve all been there when one child comes home sick and you have to go into defense mode trying to prevent the spread of illness to the rest of the family.

 3 Flu Prevention Tips for Battling the Cold and Flu Season!

It’s that time of year

What are some good ways beyond hand washing to prevent the spread of the germs?  The Dr. Doormatblog is here to help with your defense and to clean up once the illness has run its course.   Check out these 3 tips for battling the bugs this coming cold & flu season!

1.    Wash it out. If one family member comes home sick get everyone’s sheets and blankets in the laundry ASAP. Beds are an easy harbor for germs- especially because kids tend to put schoolbags and books down on them to study. Make sure to use hot water! Is your washing machine clean?

Also make sure to wash pillow covers from the couch, stuffed animals, towels, backpacks and jackets as needed.

2.   Quick Wipe Down. Do a quick clean with a natural disinfectant of the following high-use spots: Door knobs, handles on the refrigerator, sinks/faucets, bathrooms, kitchen table, remotes, video game controllers, toys and backpacks. 

Looking for an easy, natural disinfectant? Vinegar is a great solution! Read about more natural ways to disinfect here. You’ll  be pleasantly surprised that most of this list is probably already in your cabinets!

Wiping down your car is important too- give your steering wheel, window controls, seat belt buckles, car and booster seats some attention. 

3.   Let the Air Flow. Get fresh air moving through your home by opening windows and running fans. You can also try spraying an all-natural disinfectant air freshener. Stagnant air flow and constant recirculation harbor germs especially in bedrooms and playrooms.

 3 Flu Prevention Tips for Battling the Cold and Flu Season!

No need to gear up with a HazMat suit

A fresh breeze will make everyone feel better and keep the air moving. 

Make sure your fans and window casings have been cleaned recently to prevent the spread of dust and grime!  In addition to these three tips I also throw the toothbrush away and start fresh.


What are some cleaning methods you use during cold and flu season? We’d love to hear them- share with us on Twitter & Facebook!

May Every Step You Take Be Healthy!

Best Regards,
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